Saturday, 16 March 2013

Causes Of Accidents On Roads

Accident is an event which occurs suddenly, unexpectedly under unforeseen situations. Accidents news is very common in our daily news and is global tragedy with increasing trend. More than 95% vehicle accidents involve with drivers behavior combine with other factors. Human error is one of the most important causes for road accident or crash.

One of the main reasons for road accident is distraction of driver. A distracted driver gets attention diverted from the road while using cell phone, sending text messages and eating food, looking at an object outside of the vehicle while driving. Many drivers ignore the speed limit. When you think about your action in a vehicle, other than just driving, you can see that they often involve more than one type of distraction. For instance if you change your radio station, not only you take your hand off the steering wheel to press the button but also take your eyes off the road to look at the button you want to press.

Speed kills, and driving beyond the speed limit is an easy way to cause accident. The faster you drive, the slower your reaction time will be to control the vehicle that you are driving, and prevent an accident. The faster you drive; you are more prone to road accident. Most of the drivers are concerned of going to their destination than how they go there. They cannot resist the speed limit. These drivers violate road sign and rules just to get where they are going. To avoid accidents or crash, passengers should be vigilant enough to check the drivers when they are over speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol. Traffic police should also check the speed of the driver to avoid road accidents.

Another most important cause of road accident is driving under the influence of alcohol. When the drivers are drunk they lose the ability to focus and function properly. This is very dangerous while driving a vehicle. Drinking impairs your vision and hearing capacity. This results in decreased muscles coordination and slower reaction times, which is not good for driving any vehicle. The drunk driver often survives, but tragically, innocent people are usually killed especially pedestrian.

Many accidents occur due to bad condition of the roads. Roads and highway maintenance is very important. Some roads are in a unsafe condition, like pot holes and uneven pavement which leads to serious accidents, drivers lose control over the vehicle when they drive on these types of roads. Driving in the day time can be easier than driving at night. People ability to perceive and judge the distance is impaired at night. While people eyes are capable of seeing in limited light, the combination of head lights and road lights creates a problem for the driver’s vision.

Young drivers, especially teenagers who are not experienced drivers face more road accidents. During tourist season time, drivers go through sleepless nights to attend their clients. Driving continuously at night makes the driver tired which makes them in losing concentration while driving. This leads to accident.

 Accidents occur due the vehicle defects also, such as break failure, tire bursting and many other mechanical defects. The most dangerous types of equipment failure are loss of brakes and steering suspension failure. With regular inspection of the vehicle by trained mechanics, equipment failure can be avoided.

Bad weather such as heavy rain, snow fall, high speed of wind and thick fog can cause bad visibility and poor friction on road surface which leads to road accidents.

One of the reasons for road accident is ‘GPS’ which means Global Positioning System. This is made up of group satellites. The satellites communicate with the GPS Navigation Device to pin point your location. Your position is over laid with digital mapping and navigation information stored with your GPS receiver. One of the devices knows your location, it is able to plan your driving direction for you, suggest a route around traffic congestion. As GPS device go main stream, there are growing number of incidents about routing, user in to lakes, on to the train tracks and many other places. For this reason, GPS device have caused many accidents in United Kingdom and other places. The result of people blindly following electronic direction in going to wrong way, some time the vehicle hitting a huge tree leads to accident. It is very important to keep in mind that maps and satellite navigation devices are great but they are also dangerous at times. Blindly following online navigation devices can easily result in disaster.

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