Sunday, 11 November 2012

Richmond Personal Injury Lawyer: Qualification & Qualities

In the field of legal profession especially the personal injury law, the road to success is not straight; in fact, there are many curves.

Money shouldn't be the sole aim to get into the profession of law.  Many with a heart for others choose law as an avowal of faith and belief to help people in trouble and strife, especially, grief-stricken and injured in accidents.  It is this passion and urge to make sure that innocent people get what is truly owed to them, goads them to get into law and become a personal injury lawyer.  For them personal profit and loss have never been an impediment in delivering justice; it is always put above everything else.  They are the people who enjoy their profession most and become very successful in life. 

Anyone interested to become a Richmond personal injury lawyer; he or she should be in possession of a four-year college degree before entering into the law school.  A four-year college degree is a minimum qualification to sit for the LSAT and you have to get through the test in order to be accepted into a law school.   In this regard, you need to remember that only a high score in the test can enable you to be accepted in the law school.  And in law school you need three years to complete the course.  A sum total of seven years schooling is a must for anyone interested to pursue law as a career profession. However, that is not the end of learning and training about how to practice law or tort and be successful.

Long before finally getting into the legal arena, you need to initiate your spade work which may help you learn the essential tricks and traits of an effective lawyer.  Law is one of such few professions which facilitate aspiring candidates to start gaining experience while they are still in learning stage in their law schools.  This they can do by finding jobs as clerks with a law firms during their school days, thereby they can not only gain experience but also have the advantage of networking with the professionals associated with process of these lawsuits.  It is essential especially with the cases involving Virginia personal injury law, as you have to work along with a lot of people such as doctors, medical technicians etc. to prove your point and strengthen your arguments before the judge.  In this regard, maintaining a list of a few honest and reputable doctors in Richmond would be a much beneficial exercise as you can fall back upon them as expert witness during the injury trails of your clients.  Law students join as clerks with law firms in order to support their finances, but later on, this act of necessity turns out to be blessing in disguise. 

After graduating from the law school, you have to clear the American Bar Association Examination pertaining to your state.  If you are an applicant from Richmond, as per the Virginia Board of Bar Examiners, in each year bar examinations are held on two successive days in the month of February in either the City of Richmond or Norfolk and in the month of July in the City of Roanoke.  Examination will consist of two parts with each part having a morning and an afternoon session.  The examination is intended to test the applicants’ knowledge in various topics, contracts, torts, American constitutional law, criminal law, evidence and many more.  Since these bar exams are not so easy; a candidate must subject themselves to hundreds of hours of diligent study to get through them.

But, even after passing the bar examination, you will not be able to open your own practice as a Richmond personal injury lawyer. It takes time to find enough clients to support your personal and financial expenses.  That is why, many freshers join different law firms to gain adequate experience and repay their outstanding study loans.  Once they have acquired sufficient experience and risen to popularity among the clients and colleagues in Richmond, they can consider going alone.  In this connection, you need to remember that in the field of legal profession especially the personal injury law, the road to success is not straight; in fact, it is so thick beset with thorns and briers.

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